Is your electrical installation COC compliant?

Although the Electrical Certificate has been a legal requirement for a long time already, “misunderstandings” by home owners occur on a regular basis owing to the complexity of the Electrical Installation Regulations.

What is am electrical certificate of compliance?

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) or coc certificate (COC) is a legal document also known as a compliance certificate which verifies the electrical installation at a specific premise on a specific inspection date is compliant with all the legal requirements as stipulated in the Electrical Installations Occupational Health and Safety Act

Why do you need an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC)?

Electricity, just like water and gas, can “leak”. This leakage current is potentially dangerous as it can flow through you when you touch the “leaking” appliance. The earth leakage relay is designed to monitor for leakage current going directly or indirectly to earth and if it exceeds a certain value it will trip and disconnect the current flow. This is why it is so important that all circuits are properly earthed to ensure that the earth leakage relay would operate in an emergency.

It is every property owner’s responsibility to ensure that a faulty or non-compliant electrical installation in his / her house does not pose a threat through fire or electrocution to any person, animal or property. Without a valid COC, should an injury or incident occur, the homeowner could be held liable and the insurance on the house could be declared invalid

TWT electrical is an electrical installations and steel works company. Our main purpose is electrical installation on newly built houses and existing houses; installation of DB boards and sub DB’s; fault findings and maintaining of existing electrical installation of light fittings we provide electrical compliance certificates (coc certificates). Our qualified electricians will ensure that all electrical coc work is compliant with regulation. Contact us today for a quotation.


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