Sliding gates maintenance tips.

It is very important to properly maintain your sliding gate. A gate is a mechanical device that will work best when it is well maintained and in good condition. Here are tips to make your sliding gate last long.

1,Choose the right wheel size.

A common mistake that many gate designers make is to attach a disproportionate set of wheels to an oversized gate. While steel wheels are the way to go, the two commonly used diameters are: 80mm and 60mm. A 60mm diameter wheel can carry 500kg, while an 80mm diameter wheel can carry 800kg. Driveway gates only need two wheels. You can put bigger wheels on a smaller size gate, not the other way round.

2, Lubricate the important parts.

One important way to maintain your sliding gate is to lubricate its parts every now and then with the recommended lubricant. Usually, the parts that need lubrication are those that are responsible for moving the gate. These are the chain, roller, pulley, hinge and various screws. Your sliding gate needs a friction free surface to ensure safe operation and prevent wear and tear of its parts. Additionally, you have to lubricate these parts with a multi-purpose lubricant like Q20.

3, Prevent rust

Check for rust anywhere within your sliding gate system. Dust and dirt have a tendency to accumulate on metal parts. Rust will occur when you combine different weather conditions with this accumulation of dirt. Early warning signs of rust can be handled by using mild household detergents to wash down affected areas. Try using sandpaper on any metal parts that are already showing extreme signs of rust and paint over.

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