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Things to consider when installing an electrical geyser.

Electric geyser is an essential and widely used home appliance. Correct installation of geyser is very important to ensure effective operation and end user safety. Geyser installation should be done as per manufactures guidelines. It is advisable to call qualified electrical company like TWT electrical for electrical installation.

A heating geyser needs to have a secure electrical connection to be sure that there is no risk for electric shock. The switches should be placed outside of the bathroom to be sure that electrocution cannot happen. If you cannot place the switch in the outside area, then look for an area that is dry. Each of the electrical connections will need to be insulated from water and then hidden behind the walls.

When making the electrical connections for geyser, always make sure that the electrical supply has the proper overload fuse or MCB protection. Also make sure that the water heater or geyser and electrical supply are properly earthed to avoid electrocution.

TWT electrical is an electrical installations and steel works company. Our main purpose is electrical installation on newly built houses and existing houses; installation of DB boards and sub DB’s; fault findings and maintaining of existing electrical installation of light fittings we provide electrical compliance certificates (coc certificates) & fencing compliance certificates. Our qualified electricians will ensure that all electrical coc work is compliant with regulation. Contact us today for a quotation.

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