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Answers to  the questions our clients and customers often ask about TWT electrical.

TWT electrical is an electrical company; our main purpose is electrical installation on newly built houses and existing houses; installation of DB boards and sub DB’s; fault findings and maintaining of existing electrical installation of light fittings.

Our main focus is to create employment but also enlighten people to create or build their own businesses so that more employment will be created in our country.


TWT Electrical has realised that most people spend 90% of their time at work away from their families as a result we intend to create a working environment that feels like home away from home, an environment that will bring happiness and peace. We intend taking care not only for our employees but also looking out for the wellbeing of their families.


Going back to the home feeling; home is a place where you feel free to grow because you have moral support and people who encourage you to become a better you. TWT Electrical we want to equip people with the necessary skills to better themselves.

Our mission as TWT electrical is to bring safe work and the work that is according standard and regulations to our customers. We will also be educating and encouraging our customers about electrical safety measures within their homes.

Electrical installation

Electrical maintenance

Certificate of compliance

Fault finding

Sub prepaid meter installation

House wiring

Back room wiring

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